David Gilbert

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Roman Figure with Lucky Charms, 2014



Web Site, 2013



Coming of Age, Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, 2013



Legend (Winter), 2013



Small Erotic Picture (Spring), 2013



Drama at Sunset (Summer), 2013



Blueboard, 2013



Yarnia, 2013




Angels, Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, 2011/12

Green Slump, 2011

Studio, 2011



Noble Savage, 2011



Crouch, at Khastoo Gallery. Los Angeles, CA, May 2011



Up Bird, 2010




The Party, 2010



Little Flamer, 2010


david gilbert art
'Sorry they couldn't be here tonight,' Tierney Fellowship Show, Gulf and Western Gallery, New York, NY. June 2010


Light Impressions, 2008





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